Collaboration with EIT KICs

Nurturing deep tech talents for clean & sustainable energy transition.

Discover how we're shaping the future of sustainable energy by empowering tech talents.

Target Group


Equip tech talents with advanced knowledge and practical experience in deep tech, green energy, and entrepreneurship. Dive into TREATY's revolutionary educational programs.


Become part of an energetic community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, pushing the boundaries of deep tech solutions in green energy and clean tech.

Project Description

TREATY is on a mission to cultivate Europe’s tech talents in sustainable energy, clean, and digital tech. We’re setting up robust support systems, enhancing student engagement, partnering with EIT KICs, fostering innovation-driven research, refining Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) curricula, evaluating teaching methodologies, and launching a TechWatch structure to spotlight trends in deep tech green energy and clean tech.


TREATY is committed to transforming the mindset and practices of its Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) towards deep-tech innovation. Our goal? To nurture the next wave of European tech talents in sustainable green energy and clean tech


Boosting the number of innovation-centric startups
Catalyzing employment growth in regional ecosystems
Establishing innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems within HEIs
Crafting a unified international curriculum for entrepreneurship
Networking with TTOs and enhancing research capabilities